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RS3 8V

Audi RS3 8V Performance Parts & Tuning Parts

034 Motorsport was founded in 2005 with a passion for bringing motorsport-quality performance parts and tuning solutions to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Shop online with 034 Motorsport UK for a huge range of performance parts for your Audi 8V RS3.

The Audi 8V RS3 was released in 2015 with pre facelift 15-16 and Facelift DAZA/DNWA 17-21. All 034 Motorsport parts were developed with 034's local RS3 shop car and it is daily driven for continual testing and development. Popular MQB performance parts from the A3/S3/MK7R etc are cross compatible.

Highly recommended is 034's range of chassis mounts and inserts, upper and lower dogbone mounts, rear chassis mounts, springs, sway bars, engine mounts, intakes, ECU tuning, end links with a focus on handling. The range is simply superb!


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